Test & Go is an online self-assessment offer that provides you orientation, personality and intelligence tests. These tools allow you to analyze your personality, interests and motivations in order to determine your skills and offer you career paths that suit you the best.

Who created Test & Go?

Test & Go is an innovative tool developed by Central Test, a publisher of psychometric tests designed for companies, recruitment agencies and institutions to respond to recruitment, internal mobility and talent management issues. To find out more about Central Test, go to www.centraltest.com.

Who is Test & Go for?

Students, employees, job seekers or even pensioners... Whether you are looking for professional guidance, to identify your strong points or simply take stock of your situation, Test & Go offers a full range of tests to help you identify your potential and your preferences in your personal or professional life.

Test & Go offers 5 psychometric assessment tests: a personality test, an career interests test, a motivation test, an emotional intelligence test and an intelligence test. All the Test & Go tests are designed by psychologists and scientifically validated.

What is the Talent Box?

The Talent Box is a personal space that correlates all your results. The objective is to define a list of professions and skills that you are best suited for. It can be accessed as soon as you have purchased the first full report for a test. The more tests you take, the more reliable and precise the Top Professions and Top Skills suggested by your Talent Box will be.

Why is it recommended to take all the tests or buy the PREMIUM PACK?

The Talent Box only takes into account the criteria assessed by the test(s) that you have already taken. For example, the motivation test helps to identify the tasks and environments likely to suit you. However, it does not determine whether it suits the way you generally function, which can be assessed with the personality test!

Are the tests scientifically developed?

Our team of psychologists use their expertise in occupational psychology and psychometrics to develop reliable assessments. They are developed on a combined theoretical and empirical basis to produce reliable and relevant tools.

The Test & Go assessments are based on proven psychological theories, such as the Big Five theory for personality or the RIASEC model for interests. An empirical approach, based on semi-structured interviews with the target population of the assessments, brings relevance to the theoretical basis of the assessment.

Do I need to pay for the tests?

It is free to access the questionnaire for all of these tests. A free summary of results is provided as soon as the questionnaire is validated. There is a charge to receive the full report. The prices of the tests vary according to the type of test offered. It is more financially beneficial to take the PREMIUM PACK.

Can the tests be used for recruitment?

The tests offered on Test&Go are designed exclusively for self-assessment and are not adapted for recruitment purposes. Psychometric tests designed for professionals are available on the site Centraltest.com.

Do you provide assessments for recruiters?

CentraltTest, publisher of the Test & Go platform, provides the best assessments tools to help companies identify and retains the best candidates. If you are a recruiter or an HR manager, try our assessments solutions for free.

How could the tests be useful for students?

Many students are wondering about how their future will look like! Test & Go platform helps students identify the career that they will enjoy most. The career test helps them identify the type of profession that matches their interests, while the personality test allows them to find out what jobs will fit their lifestyle. These tools will help the students identity the professions as well as the skills that match their profiles. It is possible to go further by taking the motivation test, which allows the student to see the criteria to put forward when choosing a profession.

Do you have an example of the Career Interest Assessment's full report?

To thrive in your professional life, the career test helps you discover the job that really suits you. You can find an example of the full report here.

What theoretical model was used for the Career Interests Assessment?

The Career Test is based on John Hollande's RIASEC theoretical model. This theory has become a world reference in career guidance. It measures 6 types of personality: Realist, Investigator, Artist, Social, Entrepreneur and Conventional. Discover your RIASEC profile.

Why should you take a personality test?

Each of us is unique. We are made with unique traits and characteristics that help us shine. In psychological parlance, personality refers to a person's unique and enduring pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving... Taking a personality test reveals the dominant traits that distinguish us. It helps us discover who we trully are.

What theory is the Personality Test based on?

The personality test is based on the Big Five model which the most used in personality studies. This theory analyzes 5 fundamental traits: Extraversion (Openness to Experiences / Closedness), Agreeableness (sympathetic person, kindness / coldness), Consciousness (organization, thoroughness / recklessness), Emotional Stability (calm, control / neuroticism) and Extraversion (imaginative person, original / Introversion).

Where can I find an example of the Personality Test full report?

The personality test's full report includes a graph detailing your dominant traits and personalized comments indicating how you do things. Download a full sample report here.

Le test de motivation a-t-il une utilité concrète ?

Déterminer vos facteurs de motivation vous offrira une vision claire sur vos soft-skills et vous aidera à comprendre vos moteurs d'énergie au travail. Vous pourriez ainsi établir vos leviers d’engagement. Découvrez ici comment votre vision board influence votre cerveau dans la réalisation de vos objectifs.Concrètement, notre test de motivation vous permettra de faire le point l’adéquation de vos missions proposées et de votre environnement de travail avec vos sources de motivation. Ainsi, diminuez votre niveau de stress et améliorez votre bien-être au travail.