Test & Go is an online self-assessment suite. Five types of psychometric tests are offered on the platform: the AVATAR typological personality assessment, career interest assessment, personality assessment, motivation assessment, intelligence assessment and the emotional intelligence assessment. Our tools can be used to help you identify your key competencies and also to identify career paths that could be suitable for you.

Who is behind Test & Go?

Test & Go is an innovative assessment suite developed by Central Test, a publisher of psychometric tests intended for companies, recruitment agencies and institutions to address human resources issues (recruitment, internal mobility and talent management). To learn more about Central Test, visit www.centraltest.com

Who is Test & Go for?

The assessments are a segment of Central Test accessible to the general public. It is therefore aimed at a wide range of people (high school students, students, employees, job seekers, retirees, etc.). Whether you are looking for career guidance, personal development or a skills assessment, Test & Go offers a complete range of tests that will allow you to reveal your potential and your dominant traits. Visit our blog to follow all Test & Go news.

Do you work in recruitment?

Are you a company, a recruitment agency, a school or an institution? Do you want to secure your decision making with a reliable analysis of your candidates and reduce the costs associated with turnover? By clicking here, you can benefit from a 15-day free trial to explore the best assessments tools and discover various features of our platform.

Are the tests scientifically developed?

Our team of certified psychologists uses its expertise in psychometrics and workplace psychology to develop reliable assessments. They are developed on a combined theoretical and empirical basis to produce valid and relevant tools. Our tools are also statistically reviewed to ensure their fidelity. Test & Go's assessments are based on proven psychological theories, such as the Big Five theory of personality, the RIASEC model of interests, etc. An empirical approach, based on semi-structured interviews with the population targeted by the assessments, brings relevance to the theoretical basis of the assessment.

What is the Talent Box?

The Talent Box is a personalised interface that correlates and combines results of your various Test & Go assessments. The objective is to predict compatibilty with a list of jobs and skills that correspond to you. It is accessible as soon as you have acquired the first complete report of a test. The more tests you will take, the more reliable and precise the Top Jobs and Top Skills proposed by your Talent Box will be.

Do I have to pay for the tests?

For all the tests, access to the questionnaire is free. A free summary of the results is provided upon completion of the questionnaire. The full report is not free. The price of the test report then varies according to the type of test offered. It is financially more viable to purchase the PREMIUM PACK or the PREMIUM PACK PLUS.

Why is it recommended to take all the tests or to buy the Premium Pack?

Upon buying the Premium Pack, it is economical as well as beneficial to take mutiple relevant assessments. And the Talent Box only takes into account the criteria from the full reports of th tests you have already take. For example, the Motivation Test can reveal the tasks and work environments that are likely to best suit you. However, that test does not allow us to determine if this corresponds to your general functioning, which you can evaluate with the personality test.
That's why the Talent Box evolves as you take each test, each one measuring an aspect of your profile (interests, motivations, personality and aptitudes). The more tests you take, the more accurate the Talent Box becomes!

What is the Premium Plus Pack?

The Premium Plus Pack is a new extension of the Premium Pack. It additinally includes your complete AVATAR report (Avatar profile, emotional stability measure, summary table...), with the complete reports for the 5 activated tests: personality test, orientation test, IQ test, emotional intelligence test and motivation test, more details on the Top Skills and Top Jobs, methods and practical advice. Take the AVATAR test by clicking here.

Can we use Test & Go as a recruitment tool?

The tests offered on Test & Go are exclusively intended for self-assessment and are not highly suitable for recruitment purposes. Psychometric tests for professionals are available on www.centraltest.com. Sign up for the recruiter offer to get a free trial.

How can the tests on Test & Go be useful to students?

Many students wonder about their professional future! Test & Go offers tools to help students project themselves into the future with an informed and peaceful state of mind. The career interests test helps them identify the type of job that matches their professional interests while the personality test allows them to discover what best suits their character traits and interpersonal skills. By completing at least these 2 assessments questionnaires, the Test & Go Talent Box will display the jobs and skills that correspond to the student's personalised profile. Start planning your career plan here.
To go further, to cross-reference and refine your results with the motivation test which will highlight your aspirations. Consult the methodology that will help you find your way.

AVATAR is a typological test, similar to an MBTI or the DISC, which assesses personality types and not traits. AVATAR is based on three recognized models: Jung's psychological types, the Big Five and DISC. The AVATAR test has 73 questions that can be completed in about 10 minutes. It defines 8 personality types as: mediator, entrepreneur, inventor, supporter, instructor, coordinator, benefactor, director. Learn more about the AVATAR test.

What is the difference between an assessment by types and by personality traits?

A type test, like AVATAR, compares the individual with him or herself to reveal behavioral preferences. It is used for personal development. A trait test, on the other hand, compares individuals with each other to see how each individual positions themself with respect to a particular behavioral trait, as is the case with our personality test.

Who was Avatar designed for?

AVATAR is designed for anyone looking for a reliable tool for career coaching, professional development, skills assessment, career change, or career orientation. It can also be used as a basis for self-knowledge or personal development. Find out more about how to use the AVATAR test.

What is the purpose of the AVATAR full report?

The AVATAR full report is an additional support material that will allow you to go further in capitalizing on your strengths and potential. The AVATAR report will help you understand the impact of your personality on your behavior and interactions with others by highlighting your natural tendencies in terms of work methods, communication, learning environment...

Why take a personality test?

Each individual is unique. Personality is what defines a person's way of functioning and being. Taking a personality test reveals the dominant traits that characterize us. It is a practical way to discover the strong points and the points to be developed to blossom. Read the article 'personality and its mysteries'. If you are taking a personality test before a job interview, we have put together some expert advice for you to succeed in this evaluation. Read the article.

What theory is our personality test based on?

Similar to the MBTI tests, our personality test was built on the Big Five model, which is the most widely used module in the study of personality. This theory analyzes 5 fundamental traits on opposite poles: Extraversion (active / reserved), Agreeableness (kindness / coldness), Conscientiousness (thoroughness / carelessness), Emotional Stability (control / neuroticism) and Openness (original personality / banal character). Read more about this.

Where can I find a sample of the full Personality Test report?

The full personality test report includes a graph detailing your dominant traits and personalized comments indicating how you function. Download a sample full report here.

What theoretical model was used for the Career Interest Assessment?

The career interest assessment was built on the RIASEC theoretical model of John Holland. This theory has become a worldwide reference in the field of career guidance. It assesses under 6 personality types: Realist, Investigator, Artist, Social, Entrepreneur and Conventional. Learn more about the RIASEC.

Where can I find a sample of the full report from the Career Interest Assessment?

The results of the Career Interest Test are intended to help you find the careers that best suit you and that will allow you to grow. Download a complete sample report here.

What does an IQ test measure?

Intelligence quotient (IQ) is the result of a psychological test designed to provide a standardized quantitative indicator of human intelligence. Intelligence refers to the ability to solve problems, reason, understand concepts or perceive relationships. The IQ test is a measure of intelligence relative to a representative population represented by the Gaussian curve.

Why evaluate my intellectual and emotional abilities?

Intelligence quotient is one of the best predictors of job performance and professional success. Our IQ test will challenge you on your reasoning ability and your logical, numerical and verbal intelligence. On the other hand, the emotional quotient is the ability to perceive and express emotions, as well as to regulate emotions in oneself and in others. This leads to leadership skills on certain scales. Click here to learn more about emotional intelligence. Find out your IQ and EQ scores with our intelligence test and our emotional intelligence test.

Is the Motivation Assessment useful in real life?

Determining your motivational factors will give you a clear view of your soft skills and help you understand your energy drivers at work. This will help you to establish your commitment levers. Discover here how your vision board influences your brain in achieving your goals. In concrete terms, our motivation test will allow you to assess whether your proposed missions and your work environment are in line with your sources of motivation. Thus, reduce your stress level and improve your well-being at work.