Are you a Benefactor, Inventor, Entrepreneur...? Discover your personality profile with AVATAR.

AVATAR is a typological personality assessment extending the DISC model, helping you to identify your personality type. It's a fun, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-talk-about tool for greater self-knowledge, as well as personal and professional development.

The report provides you with a typological interpretation of your profile, followed by a detailed description of your potential strengths, challenges, your communication style, your working style and your ideal learning environment. You will also find a short emotional stability scale, presenting you with useful insights for maintaining emotional control.

By sharing your profile with people you know, AVATAR encourages a deeper understanding of others and can facilitate effective discussions between you, your friends, colleagues, and your team.

76 questions - 15 minutes

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8 profiles

  • Benefactor
  • Inventor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Coordinator
  • Motivator
  • Instructor
  • Fixer
  • Supporter


Identify your dominant personality traits and utilise your talents!

This test, based on the globally recognised Big Five psychological model, identifies key trends in an individuals' personality via five key traits, common to all individuals, regardless of language or culture.

This test gives a comprehensive analysis of how you interact with those around you and your environment, via 5 main personality traits.

32 questions - 10 minutes

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5 traits assessed

  • Openness to new experiences
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Emotional stability


Take your orientation assessment and find what professions you are best suited for

This test is for young people, students, recent graduates or people undergoing professional retraining who are wondering what path or retraining may be suitable for them. The test takes just a few minutes to analyse your professional interests and helps you make a realistic choice.

The orientation test, based on the RIASEC model, is recognised as a pioneering tool in the field of professional orientation.

22 questions - 8 minutes

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Areas of interests assessed

  • Realistic
  • Investigator
  • Artist
  • Social
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Conventional


Identify your sources of motivations so you can flourish in your (future) professional life

The motivation test is based on Schwartz’s Theory of Basic Human Values and the Munster Work Value Measure (MWVM) which focus on: Openness to change, self-enhancement, self-transcendence, and conservation. The test helps you discover what stimulates you about your (future) professional life in order to identify the criteria to prioritize when choosing a profession, seeking a job or at annual interviews.

42 questions - 10 minutes

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  • Challenge
  • Autonomy
  • Career opportunities
  • Feed back
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Remuneration
  • Social environment
  • Social utility


Identify your emotional quotient and develop it!

This test helps you better understand the way you interact with those around you, in both your personal and professional life. It helps you decipher your own emotions as well as understanding others

Your success today depends on your adaptability, your open-mindedness and your self-confidence as well as your emotional intelligence.

37 questions - 10 minutes

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Dimensions assessed

  • Assertiveness
  • Self-motivation
  • Self-control
  • Emotional awareness
  • Empathy
  • Self esteem
  • Conflict resolution


Find out your intelligence quotient with our Intelligence test!

The Intelligence Assessment allows you to assess your general reasoning ability and different capabilities, such as the ability to plan, solve problems, think abstractly and learn.

It provides you an informative evaluation of your logical, numerical and verbal reasoning abilities and helps you improve your reasonning skills.

29 questions - 30 minutes

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Factors assessed

  • Logical ability
  • Numerical ability
  • Verbal ability

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