General Terms and Conditions of Use


Central Test manages the Test & Go application, accessible via, or via its partners. Test & Go provides internet users with a secure internet platform, and creates self-assessment, career management and personal development tests. Our tests are developed in accordance with the highest standards, as defined by the international scientific community. They are part of the Central Test - MyLab range and are intended, as part of the Test & Go application, exclusively for self-assessment for individuals.

Access and use of the site are subject to these "General Terms and Conditions" set out below and to the laws and/or regulations applicable in the European Union.Our business partners in countries that do not have an comparable level of protection are contractually bound to comply with the European principles of personal data protection.

These general terms and conditions govern the methods of use of said tests, owned by Central Test. The viewing of the pages of this service implies acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, which Central Test may, at any time, modify the content.

Identity of Central Test

The publisher of the website is Central Test, which ensures the design, implementation, technical integration and maintenance.CENTRAL TEST SAS:21, square Saint Charles; 75012 Paris, France; Tel.: +33 (0)1 46 59 00 00;Email:;Simplified joint stock company with share capital of €1,008,930 entered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under no. B 441 914 272;SIRET: 441914272 00048;Intra-Community VAT number: FR 81441914272;The director of publication of the site is Mr Patrick Leguide as legal representative of Central Test.


Central Test provides its Users with the following services:

  • Career Interests, personality, motivation and emotional intelligence and IQ tests to assess their skills and abilities;
  • Personalised results reports that help them get to know each other better;
  • Advice and methods of improvement to make progress;
  • Matching the results of the user with lists of professions and skills;
  • Comparing the User’s profile with friends;
  • Sharing their results on social networks.

This description is neither exhaustive nor definitive. Apart from completion of tests, partial reports, and sharing via social networks, all available services are paid for.

The tests are available online, via the website, and the Central Test partner sites, with the internet connection costs being paid by the User.

Users declare that they have obtained all the necessary information regarding the services offered.

Users acknowledge that use of the site and partner sites requires compliance with all the requirements defined in the GTCU.

Users may benefit from the services offered to them on the site and partner sites subject to the following prerequisites:

  • Have legal capacity to commit themselves under these terms and conditions;
  • Have suitable computer equipment to access the site;
  • Have a valid email address;
  • Are informed that their commitment does not require a handwritten or electronic signature; acceptance of these general terms and conditions of use is implemented by the mechanism of ticking a box.

Users have the option to save and print these general terms and conditions.


The terms defined below will have between the parties, the following meaning:

  • Site: website published by Central Test or one of its partners accessible via the URL and its subdomains;
  • - User account: account that the user opens by registering on the site or from a partner site to access the services;
  • Services: services offered by Central Test and available online at;
  • Identifiers: items placed under the exclusive control of the User and enabling him to use the services;
  • Dashboard: site area reserved for the User summarising their progress and use of services;
  • Public part: freely available part of the service;
  • Personal data: 'Any information on a natural person identified or who can be directly or indirectly identified, by reference to an identification number or to one or more elements of his own. In order to determine whether a person is identifiable, all means must be considered in order to enable his identification which the data controller or any other person may have access to (Act no. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004);
  • User: means any legal or natural person registered on the Site.
  • Talent Box: is a personal space that correlates all the results. The objective is to define a list of professions and skills that the User are best suited for. It can be accessed as soon as the user has purchased the first full report for a test. The more tests the user takes, the more reliable and precise the Top Professions and Top Skills suggested by your Talent Box will be.


The general terms and conditions of use are applicable throughout the duration of use of the service by the User, i.e. from registration until unsubscribing from the service.

Access to the service

Access to the service is restricted to Users with a personal login and password.

To open an account and become a User, the User must first register by completing the online form. The information must be accurate and regularly updated. Fields related to registration are mandatory. The internet user must read the general terms and conditions and accept them by ticking the box provided for this purpose. Following the validation of the form, the User receives an email confirming the registration at the email address provided. Once confirmed, the internet user becomes a User.


The User is solely responsible for the storage and confidentiality of the password and/or login.

The User guarantees the accuracy of the information provided for the purposes of registering for the service.

Any use of the password is presumed to be made in the User's name.

If the password is forgotten or lost, the User must go directly online to a "Forgotten password" form.

A link will be sent to the User allowing him to change his password.

The User is solely responsible for the use that will be made of his password until he has asked Central Test to change it.

Unsubscribing/Closing the account

The User may unsubscribe from the site and request the deletion of his profile at any time, directly from his Dashboard or by any other means indicated on the Site.

Unsubscribing automatically deletes the User Account.

From this deletion, the User can no longer recover the data and information collected through the service.

Therefore, it is up to the User to save the information he deems useful and that he wishes to keep; Central Test cannot be held liable for the deletion of this information.


When a test has been completed, with regard to the answers provided by the User, Central Test draws up assessment reports.

Central Test offers a summary of the profile accessible from the Dashboard for free.

Central Test can provide a complete assessment report, which retranscribes the integrality of the User's results. This report may include advice and areas for improvement as well as other information. The content and form of this information may change. This full report is not free. Reports are made available through the Dashboard in HTML and PDF format.

By default, the discovery summary is delivered to the User concerned, following the completion of a test and provided that the test is finalised.

The Talent Box with the list of professions the User is best suited for is accessible only after the acquisition of a first complete report.

The User has the opportunity to share his Dashboard and thus the discovery summary to his friends and on social networks.

Payment and security

Complete test reports are only sent to the User after payment. Several online payment methods are available depending on the medium and the partner. By purchasing a service, the User accepts the financial and billing conditions. At any time and without informing Users, Central Test reserves the right to change the price of its services. Central Test also reserves the right to remove, suspend or change the payment solutions proposed to improve the quality of its services.

Central Test undertakes to provide the best conditions of security and confidentiality for use of its services.

Practice Tests

A practice test is a complete, or part of, psychometric assessment, providing you with several questions and a report detailing your results, all for free.

A practice test however, cannot ensure that the results you get are 100% reliable as it is still being developed and still require further validation in terms of psychometric criteria (validity, reliability, norms, etc).

By taking a test, you provide anonymous data to Central Test’s Research & Development team so they can validate the test scientifically. This validation process is made in compliance with GDPR laws.

Assessments listed as "practice test" are not permanently available on the Test & Go dashboard. You will only be able to take each practice test while they are still live.

We also advise you to download your PDF report once you have completed a test, in order to save and access your results at any time.

You have the option of deleting the practice test report from the Test & Go application, but if it is deleted, it will be impossible to regenerate the report.